Hypersport tyre choice - Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michellin, Dunlop

Hat BT016 pros and now have bts20s which which replace the bt016’s and they are ace fella. Better grip in dry and wet and longer wearing!

I agree mate, I had BT-016 Pros on my 600 ninja last year they never let me down, grip was never ending on the track too. Got a new bike now, more power, just wanted to try something different, maybe stickier… Yeah I want them to last as long as poss but my priority is keeping my wheels planted.

Wanted to try Bridgestone BT-003 Racing Street, they look good for fast road and track. A lot of people are saying Pirelli… I just don’t know. Too much choice… :-o

I have Michelin Power Pure on a Fireblade… Lovely!! Very grippy, and supposedly lighter than other brands…