Hypersport tyre choice - Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michellin, Dunlop

Bought a 2012 Yamaha R1 a week ago, still running her in, has been supplied with Dunlop Qualifier II tyres… I’m not convinced they are the tyre I want…
Who’s the tyre expert on here?

Had Bridgestone Battalax BT016 on my ninja and thought they were pretty good for fast road and track days but wondering if anyone had any strong opinions??

i’d go with the 016’s if its a sunday/track day bike… but out of personal preference i usually go for something more road biased like the 021 or 023 which are more than capable for british roads and high powered bikes

like anyone will say go with the best you can afford and that fit the criteria for the type of riding you do,more critical is scrubbing them in nice keeping them as rounded as possible and make sure you get every inch of that £££ rubber used :smiley: regular pressure and nail checks would’nt go a miss :stuck_out_tongue:

PR3’s have been tested on the track and have proved to be pretty good according to reviews. You will also get decent mileage and are perfect for the road.

Failing that. Dunlop Sportsmarts will be pretty good on an R1 and they are as sticky as fu*k. I use the Dunlop Roadsmarts (the touring version of the Sportsmarts and I love them). Hope this helps.

Never a fan of Bridgestone…jus personally view…

Since its summer, stick a pair of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (Road legal race tyre, sticky like a superglue!!) on, or Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa (a bit more road friendly than supercorsa)

or Michelin Pilot Power 2CT (a bit longer life than Pirelli)

But depend on what you use the bike for? and what kind of riding you do? what sort of roads you ride on (trackday, twisty, motorway, dual carriageway etc) ??

Thanks for this guys, very helpfull!

Yoyo, most of my riding will be social not really a commuter. I’m looking to do as many track days as I can this year but also want to do some fast road riding and need to find some good twisties and some good biker mates as none of my friends are into riding, they’re all on four wheels :frowning:

if you plan to do a few track day may be worth investing into another set off rims, slicks for the track day and mich 2ct or corsa for the road??

u can come with me and my mates for twisty, phone number PM.

Then I would strongly recommend pirelli diablo supercorsa then, but only for summer time though…

winter time is a different story lol…

+1 Dunlop SportSmart for track and road. Been on track in wet and dry on these with my r6. And commuted through winter and now some sunshine! :slight_smile:

The qualifier II is not the dunlop hypersport tyre of choice any more. Surprised they fit to the new R1 TBH considering the premium these days.

I love my dunlops.

Gonna have to smash my piggy bank if I’m gonna get a set of spare rims… They cost a bit I would think…

Nice one yoyo, are you and your mates experienced riders? What bikes you guys on?
(just wondering how hard it’s gonna be for me to keep up). :slight_smile:

true, keep an eye on e-bay sometimes there are deals but prob not during summer.

Have you tried any other brands Banman? Or have you always been a Dunlop kinda guy? Any bad experiences on other brands? :-/

Ive been on stock dunlops, qualifiers, and now sportsmarts. not tried any other brands. Only been on track about 4 or 5 times - so def not seasoned!

I’ll prob try something else next, just to try, but right now the dunlop range has been great for me wet and dry.

eBay :wink:

Another vote for Pirelli Diablos :slight_smile:

I’ve tired just about every tire on the market, and swear by Bridgestone!

Have the bt-023 on my vtr1000 and S20 on the GSX-r1000.

Would use Dunlops, even if they were free. Pirelli are great, but go off too quickly, and Michelin are fanatic, but Bridgestone feel slightly better.

I do like the look of those supercorsa SRs! But I it rained I wouldn’t feel as confident :-/

Anyone tried Bridgestone BT003 RS tires?

My r1 had pure ones on when i got it wickedly sticky but last next to no time,
now on sportsmarts an they are the dogs only ride fast road but my pal does alot of track on his r1 as swear by em

@redrat - imagine what the sportsmarts are like :wink: