anyone know who is hyosung, fella at work says its a part of suzuki is this true. i know they are very cheap and nasty.

I dont think their as bad as some people make out really - In4thethrills has 1 and must have done at least 400 miles on it on 2 consecutive ride outs with us lot around kent and down to Brighton etc without any probs!

Here you go - the CEO’s name is WAN-KI Hong :smiley:

Nothing to do with Suzuki


You sound like my dad when i came home on my first Jap bike:w00t:

In 1958 a bunch of “cheap and nasty” bikes were shipped to the Isle of Man for the first time. Everyone thought like you did then. Within 3 years those “Cheap and nasty” bikes were back in force and won all the lightweight races (50cc, 125cc and 250ccc)across the board.

As I said on a similar thread the other day, these bikes are the future.One of my local bike shops sells Suduko(sp) trailie 125’s with upside down forks, disc brakes, braided hoses, the lot for £700… Talking to them, they get more come-back from Piaggio scooters than these Chinese bikes:w00t: