HR law - i can sue cant I?

Just came out from a meeting with HR where they told be a recruitment company sent my CV to them!!

WTF!! cant they read who I work for?? and second of all wtf didnt they talk to me first? :crazy:

I am told that I can sue them…!!!

I don’t know employment law well enough to tell you whether you can sue, there certainly seems to be a case for negligence on their behalf.

Thing is, generally to sue, and for it to be worthwhile, you have to show some sort of loss. Now if your firm is letting you go, passing you over for a promotion you were about to get, not giving you a bonus that you were going to get. Then bringing a claim is an option.

If all they did was bring you in and point out that the firm sent them the CV and that they are not that impressed that you had not spoken to them, but you still plan on leaving and it doesn’t really affect you, then bringing a claim is probably pointless.

The distress of being dragged into HR will probably not amount to a great deal in monetary terms.

I say this just as a general thing but perhaps best to talk to someone who deals with employment law, like the CAB or someone similar. There may be specific rules in place to deal with this sort of breach.

i see your point of no ‘loss’ being made… i actually hope to gain. as they said they def want to keep me and are looking for roles to give me :wink:

I have talked to the recruiters and they have apologized and will ‘back me up’ saying that its an old CV that they had on file…

I dont like the (american) idea of suing everything you can see…

This has happened to me on more than one occasion in the past & pretty much everyone else I know at some point, so don’t go thinking you’re something special… :slight_smile:

That is shockingly bad form from the recruitment company.

didnt say i Zpezial!! :smiley:

It is personal information. They can only use it for the purposes for which you gave it. Getting a job with a company you already work would seem to be an unlikely valid use though!

F*cking donkeys!

I really don’t like recruiters.

me neither… but they get you jobs :ermm: (sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: )

I used to get pestered by them to do roles I had no desire to do and anything I wanted to go for they wouldn’t be willing to put me forward in general so don’t have a high opinion for them. I can understand they business plan as they want the highest probability of a commission but what exactly does it impact on them putting people forward if I think I am qualified to do the role?? If anything it’s good diversity with little input from them as I do all the legwork to find the role I want and put a cv together aimed at it!

Anyways I found only one or two who would listen to me and I had good results with them and a good relationship with not only them but the prospective companies. Rant over. :D:D

Personally I wouldn’t hesitate in telling the world the name of the Recruitment company…woeful actions, maybe not all that shocking though…they throw CVs around all the time…

A colleague’s hubby recently had his CV put forward for a job (one of his social circle was the recipient) a year after he had been on their books.

I still get emails from recruitment firms. I’ve been in my job for over 3 years now

Useless bastards the lot of them, no matter what meat market they trade in. I’m self employed and haven’t bothered with a recruitment company for years.
It’s best to learn how to go for a drink once in a while…even if you don’t drink and just have a coke. Word of mouth is better in most cases.


Hey, be careful, you might find yourself being sued - if you get a new job its probably in their T&Cs that they get their commission! Imagine!

thing is they sent a speculative CV and to add to that i had just inquired about the internal job a day earlier :wink: phew!

A recruiter put me forward for a role and I didn’t want it and when I got back I put my mate in touch with the interviewer as I had his contact details. The recruiter still got her commission as I made the initial contact through her when my mate got the job.