HP Pavilion Laptop & Dell TFT


HP Pavilion DV6700 Special Edition Laptop £220

I was given a work laptop recently so think I can get by without my personal machine.

I’ve had it for 4 months now, purchased off eBay for £280 and it has worked flawlessly since.

Spec as follows:

Core2 Duo T8100
2GB RAM (Easily upgraded if req’d)
250GB Hard Drive
Nvidia Geforce 8400m gs 256MB Graphics Card (think it’s 256mb anyway…have a google)
15.4" Screen (No dead pixels)
It does have a license for Vista and had vista on it when I got it. But had to put a copy of XP on it - Vista is horrendous. Has MS Office 2007 on it but you’ll need to ensure you have a license for this, otherwise you’ll need to uninstall it because continuing to use it would be very naughty.

It’s the special edition version so has a nice, fancy pattern on the casing and the top part of it is a nice deep red colour. Looks the same as this:

Holds about 1 hour of charge but could be extended if you turn brightness down and don’t use wifi etc etc. Supplied with power lead and an optical mouse if need be.

EDIT - Worth noting at this stage, it isn’t new - it does have two minor marks on the inside casing. Very minor. But I’m an honest bloke. :slight_smile:


Interested in the TFT :smiley:

I’m defo 2nd in line if ricky doesn’t take it. the TFT that is

PM me if interested.


lappy looks interesting! PM sending sending…

Please let this go to the next in line, Have had some bad news today regarding my dog, vet bills have to come first.

Has laptop gone?

I did get an offer but it hasn’t ‘gone’ as of yet. Due to an impending move, the first PM that offers the price secures.

Laptop still available. :slight_smile:

Saw this working ( I was there for the monitor) lovely bit of kit clean and if it were not for the fact I already have a laptop I would have it.right don’t forget GC that 10% my way if you sell it now!


Laptop Still for sale now. Previous buyer pulled out at last moment. :hehe: