HP IPAC H5550 PDA for sale - £250 ono

HP IPAQ POCKET PC 5550 - 12 months old - Excellent Condition

The iPAQ Pocket PC H5550 is a top-of-the-range iPAQ from the world leaders in PDA design. Packed full of superb features and is very powerful and flexible with integrated wireless capabilities and enhanced security.

Fully Loaded with 128 Mb RAM and 400 Mhz Xscale Processor.

Running Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003 with highly popular combination of applications including: Pocket Outlook, Word and Excel.

A broad range of wireless capabilities - including integrated Bluetooth and WLAN 802.11b - you can access the Internet, email, and corporate data.

Unique biometric fingerprint reader, VPN software, 64-bit and 128-bit WEP, F-secure FileCrypto Data Encryption and Xcellenet Afaria device management provide enhanced protection for your device, information and wireless connection.

Vesatile expansion options, including GPS (I have seen a Tomtom add on for UK and European Travel at £200) , allow you to extend the capabilities of the Pocket PC to convert it into a unique, tailored handheld device that meets your specific needs.

Easily print your documents, email attachments and pictures directly from your Pocket PC to a networked printer via wireless technology.

This Package comes complete with the following:

User Guide, Getting Started and HP iPAQ Pocket PC companion CD Including ActiveSync Software

2x USB Desktop cradle/chargers - For sync to PC/ Laptop and Charging

Lithium ion polymer removable/rechargeable Battery

AC Power adapter

Holster Carry Case with belt clip

Software: MS Pocket PC 2003: Pocket Outlook; Pocket Word; Pocket Excel; Pocket Internet Explorer; Reference Guide; MS ActiveSync 3.7; MS Outlook 2002; HP mobile print centre; HP iPAQ image view; Clearvue Suite; HP iPAQ backup; web registration.


Now if I was willing to give it away do you not think I would have said offers rather than mention an amount??

ono means “or near offer” not take the p$$$!!

I am not into giveaways…try the next mug!

Erm Python? Have you really checked on this??? The 5550 is four years old technology/model and currently just the PDA is going for between 25-50 quid on fleabay! And yes I DO know what it is, had four of em, brillant units but NOT powerful enough to run anything over TOMTOM V3, which is fairly good but not totally up to date like v6. If you think you will get anywhere NEAR 200 much less 250 take the suckers money and RUN!!!

Thanks then will give this one to the kids…suggest you buy from ebay…

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I dont think so…

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