Howzit everyone!!

Looks like a great site so thought i would drop a line to say howzit to all my fellow bikers. I’m Cat and ride an ER6f which is my first bike. I am no longer in London and now live in Gloucestershire, ah the pretty Cotswold hills were beckoning but still come up to London for a good ol night out!

Nice to meet you all and am sure we will be chatting soon.


Cat x

Hi Cat and welcome along

One of our members called Terry-Moto has folk in Gloucester… Fred and Rose, I’m sure you have heard of them;):smiley:

Welcome to LB Cat :cool:

As you will find there are plenty of comedians on here ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB! Nice bike!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Party :wink:

Hi and welcome, some nice biking roads in the cotswolds

you nob, im pissing myself here!!:w00t:

hi and welcome

Welcome to London Bikers! :smiley:

Hi and welcome!

Hi there and welcome to the site.

Hi and Welcome!

Hi & welcome to LB Cat, nice bike!

hi cat welcome to LB and merry christmas.:smiley:

Welcome! :smiley:

Now I know what you were referring to at the pub! lmao

Welcome to LB!


Welcome to LB… :cool: