Howdy Folks!

Hi folks. I’ve just passed my module one and have scheduled module two, so with continuing luck I will be joining the bikers on the London roads. I look forward to meeting you all!



Hi and welcome aboard.

CONGRATS :smiley: and welcome

ride safe


Oooo another JC !

welcome matey !

Good luck and hurry up :smiley:

The good weather and rides are coming up :wink:

Welcome to LB.

Oh ****,

Everyone get outa the way.


Congrats JC.

welcome welcome

Hello and good luck.


Just to update you all, I have passed my mod 2 and will see you soon!



Congratulations on the pass, and welcome! Nice lid, I have that one and haven’t seen another one on the road yet

Welcome to LB and congratulations :smiley:

Hey J, congrats on passing your test and keep that bike in good condiditon so I can borrow it when I come back to the UK for visits!

Plenty of knowledge and info here for you and you know where I am too :slight_smile:

Ta. Yeah I fell in love with it when I saw it in the catalog. As a matter of fact, the bike happens to match the lid :wink:

Thanks a lot Sherrie!

I’ll do my best to keep her sparkling :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome. Congratulations on passing your tests. :smiley: