Howdy Dowdy

Ello. Not exactly a London bilker here. I’m more of a country yokel who’s ended up down here with the town folk.I should get a sat Nav. But they won’t let me near one t’ll I’ve figured out a brand new combined harvester ohh arrr oh arr I ayyy.
Anyway enough of the English accent. I’m from Stonehaven and hope you’all getting on ok in the big Smoke.
Good luck to you all from the Goat sucking choochter.
P.s What’s ye poison?

Hello and Welcome,

You’re a long way from home !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

One of these day’s I’ll learn to read a map ( and spell ) :smiley:
In the mean time I can shave your sheep in double quicke time with my hand held shears. My auntie gluckminster is the fastest spinners in the land… But she doe’s have four arms and twenty legs, so she may by cheating in some peoples opinion.:hehe:

Aha, Stoney … now that brings back memories. My short walk to Dunnotter Primary, my longer walk to Mackie. The great chippie on the bridge by the Carron River…

Welcome to LB Chupacabra !

Welcome to LB, fellow former-bumpkin-turned-townie :wink:

There are so many of our country villages missing thier idiots now :D:P:D:w00t::hehe:

Welcome to the madhouse

Chupa chups?