Howdy all

Hi all, new to the forum and London. Work in Wembley, live in bushey, Watford when I am working, live just outside bristol when I am not working.

Currently riding a 2008 zx6r which is fairly new to me, previous steeds include srad gsxr, k4gsxr 600, fzr400, drz400sm plus some moto x bikes etc years ago.

When I am home I am a member of southwest bikers and try and get out on ride outs as much as I can, all my previous bikes I used to ride on my own, and never really got into the enjoyable side of riding.

Hello and welcome! Love the picture

Welcome, great bike and picture. Where was this taken?

Thanks, the picture was taken near my house in the south west, it called burrington Combe, near cheddar on the mendip hills, one of my fav places to ride when down there

Welcome to the manic… :smiley:

Hi and welcome!


Hi and welcome to the Watford (aka Bushey) massive :smiley:

There are a few of us who live in and around Watford.

That’s good to know, haven’t even been out and about yet, just work home work home, need to do some scouting around at some point.

Haven’t run the bike up to London yet, hope to get out on some ride outs/meets at some point

welcome watford is my 2nd home :wink:

Great picture. I particularly like the way you have lined up the puddle with the tip of your mudguard.

I know, took ages to get it just right!

I know, took ages to get it just right!

welcome aboard penguin. :slight_smile:

The Ace Cafe is his 1st :smiley:

Welcome avenger! Watford also, I’ll look out for you! I’ve also got a zx6r (see my profile pic!), but old fireblade on the road.

Just up the road from my work!

Might have to wait for it to warm/dry up a little

Haha nah just need decent kit and a et of wets :wink:

Do you know Joby then :smiley:

Some of us ride all year round, but some won’t do ford’s :wink:

I’ll keep an eye out for you mate, I’m just down the road :slight_smile: