How to wrap a cat for xmas

Hahah, awww!

There is no way I could do that to my cat!


Thats so mean!!! :frowning: Poor kitty…

A very patient feline :slight_smile:

never could i do that to my cat

I did that with my cat, she just sat there as well while being wrapped up - my wrapping was not as good as your though.

It would have been less hassle to get the cat shrink-wrapped…or laminated.

It would take a lot more paper to wrap my cat up, he would shred it. What a chilled out moggie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha, that’s excellent, laid back or what! :smiley:

Exactly! Our old cat would be too busy playing with the paper before you even got him measured up for the right size piece, let alone actually being able to wrap him in it!! :w00t:

God, what boring animals they are. Good vid though. :smiley:

Cats aren’t boring, they just do their own thing - this one must have enjoyed the game or he wouldn’t have played it. He is a chilled out pussy though - see the other videos of him on Youtube - he’s just calm (or stoned):smiley:

That is class.

Our Harry would have your hand if you tried that with him.