how to ..... waste Londonbikers bandwidth with comments about free fuel, dodging speed cameras and free bikes


ner ner

oooh somebody’s tired! If a couple of in jest posts are messing with your bandwidth maybe think about upgrading and getting off the dial up tightwad;)shando

what you whinging for now ? do some work ya lazy b’stid :D:P

or alternatively, avoid work forever by doing a Reggie Perrin and leaving your clothes folded neatly at Beachy Head, just don’t forget to take your number plate off so as to reap all the other rewards;)

shando (the pig farmer)

Ha Ha Shando? You know me?

So hit the nail with somebody is tired! Left work 0100, and set back off for work again this morn at 0650 am!

Only playin thou, as you know!

Wow that’s a ***** mate, didn’t realise the old bill were as ill treated and overworked as us squaddies. the lame gags were going on a bit but they were due to this piece of complete idiocy:

excellent dismissing of the original post then! im up to speed.

Carry on as intended. lol.

which bunch are you then shando, been in long ?

ex RCT myself left in 86 old goat i know :smiley:

I’m currently attached (AGC (SPS)) to the Welsh Guards as the discipline bod (SSA) until Oct then posted to Sandhurst shortly shortly. 12 year man/Sgt now. RCT eh, now RLC bundled with the slop jockeys etc.shando