How to wash leathers

Hi all!
Was wondering how do you clean the inside of your leathers:w00t: Unfortunately, i did not look into buying leathers with a removable lining at the time, so mine is fixed.

Any ideas?:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s getting stinky here :D[/highlight]

For £40 i remove and wash your lining and revelcro the linings back in for future conveniance;)
Its become quite a popular service:)

Oh that sounds nice, ill have some of that at the end of the year!

dont wear them in the shower, that doesn’t work :hehe:

damn! sounds like a ingenious idea though

Tried the shower thing, now my leathers fit skin tight :slight_smile:
Sort of like cat woman :smiley:

There is a German product where you put them in the washing machine. I did mine.


David sells it: