How to sell my ktm sm?


I’m thinking of selling my KTM SM and I’m looking for options on the best way to do it. This is how the bike stands at the minute:

KTM 640LC4 2002, 5500 miles approx.
18 Lt tank with Race style graphics
The side panels have yellow number boards on
It has an Acumen Cat1 alarm with pager
R and G axle sliders front and rear

Now for the fast bits:
Full road/race akrapovic exhaust
Flat side Carb
4 pot Braking Calliper and oversize disc
Brembo radial master cylinder
Dragon super corsa tyres, the back will be new.

Other stuff include:
Standard tank
full set of red bodywork
standard exhaust
MHP race can
spare radial Master cylinder
original front brake calliper, disc and master cylinder
original carb

I’ve attached a fairly recent pic, the only thing missing is the number boards.

So the dilemma is do I sell it as is or put it back to standard and sell the goodies separate?

Sounds silly i know but people tend to like doing their own mods, you’d stand a better chance returning it to stock and selling off the gucci bit separately.

as a rule you’ll never get the money back you paid for the after market stuff if it’s fitted.

You could advertise it as stock and say the rest is available by negotiation?

Dear midlife crisis, KTM’s are good sellers and they keep a good chunk of their value on the resale market provided that they are in pristine conditions.

My advice to you is similar to what Sutcir said, and that is to return it to stock and I guarantee that you will be making most of your money selling all the tricky parts individually on ebay. Also stick a flyer in Bracken’s KTM who are the main dealers in London, and they always have a lot of people enquiring about good conditiion 2nd hand bikes, though I won’t reccomend you to sell it via them as they will probably take a percentage off you.

Then put the bike as standard on both ebay and visordown sale/wanted section where all the majority of supermoto people there are into KTM’s Husaberg’s and other similar bikes.

Looking forward to see the pics you mentioned and most of all good luck.

doh, forgot the pic.

Cheers for the advice



Yep, that is Pukka, I thik I saw that pic on this forum somewhere else and I can tell the conditions are excellent, shame you have to sell it, but I assure you, you are on to an easy sale there.


David, put it back to as standart as you can and sell the bits on ebay. It will give you a bit of work but you will get back more money than selling it as it is. That’s my fear when I come to sell my Kawa, if I sell it one day.

don’t want to swap it for a 99 GSXR750WX do you?

As everyone has said so far, sell in stock form and sell the trinklets on via eBay or LB Classifieds . I’ve done this before and have got far more money back than I would if I’d have sold it as a single unit. So what takes your fancy now, or is the cash going out of biking?

I’m looking to get a c90 for commuting and somthing like a GS for long trips and winter stuff. It goes without saying that I’m keeping the blade. I might even keep the KTM it all depends on what I think of a c90. I can’t imagine that I’d loose much on a C90 even if I only keep it for a month or 2 while I made my mind up. The KTM is great and I love it but it’s a lot of bike just for commuting, and the cost of a set of tyres would keep a c90 on the road for a year. I’m not looking forward to selling it, but 4 bikes might be a bit too much, well this year anyway.

Good luck with the sale… As others have said you’ll get more if you sell the bike and extras separately, saying that… with the bigger tank included I might well be tempted

Fancy swapping wheels for enduro ones so you can go off-road? I want to go SuperMoto with my DRZ!

If I could fit on it I’d sell my XT today, thats a stunning bike

Oi thumps I saw it first

OK you can have it seeing as you got there first, but fairs fair you gotta let me ride it once