How to ride in groups and enjoy the day!

Following on from my thread to gauge interest (Novice ride-out 01/07/06) I’ve completed most of the paperwork and route(s)* and enough people want it to make it worthwhile.

General information.

Date :- Saturday 1st July 2006

Location:- Rykers, Boxhill car park

Info link

Map link (not in circle but where blue “P” symbol is just above)

Time:- the day starts promptly at 10 am sharp, concluding at 4:30pm**, with an hour for lunch (location to be confirmed).

Total riding distance 46.8 miles (in four sections)

Please make sure you have sufficient petrol to cover this distance.

Also if breakfast/ tea or coffee is required please allow time before the first briefing starts at 10 am (otherwise you will miss out and the program is set for the day so won’t be stopped).

I’m donating my time and effort freely; as will be my colleague assisting me, there is no cost involved to you (apart from your own food/drinks and petrol, which you are expected to supply).

This is formatted as a proper teaching day, and will go threw the correct way to successfully participate in and understand all aspects of riding in groups.

“Think you know how Ride-out work?”

“Been on a few?”

“Find out how they should work”

This will be by invertation only (thoughs on the confirmed list) and a Maximum of 20 People (this time), on a first come first served basis. I’m afraid thoughs not invited; but turning up on the day, will be exclude from the group unless there is a spare place available, as this is the maximum to retain managability***.

If your name is below and for any reason you are unable to attend, please let me know soonest as it’s likely someone else could use your place.

Confirmed attendees



sean077410 (pillions welcome, but won’t count as another place)






Mr Toad





MidLifeCrisis + 1

I’ll update the confirmed list on an ongoing basis, and post when full.

Please feel free to PM me any questions you may have, although two threads exist already with most of the information in already so check them out first.

*although I haven’t had time to ride the route(s) yet I will shortly, I have however ridden these roads before but will confirn suitability, also I’ll fix a Lunch destination.

**Could be finished slightly earlier dependent on Q&A session.

***If I have the time or another person to do it can be found then this can of course be run again.

Cheers Mark.


You a

for organising this = cant wait

Mark you “splat”. Now that’s not very nice

funny its a star…

So you’re saying you’d like me to be on fire, and a long long way away

Luv you to Kim

Cheers Mark.

Like that tellie from Tesco, you know the one that makes your ball catch fire

All valid points (touched on in the briefing), however it’s important to explain and then demonstrate the scope I’m covering on the day, and this all takes time to do properly, I’d rather cover less and do it well that more and have everyone forget half of it.

Perhaps (with the right encouragement) I’ll do another on “planning a ride-out” and/or “first bike on scene”, but to be honest this is a packed day as it is, I really don’t want to make it any longer, or give people too much to digest.

Also this will be the first of such things will LB, so I’ll take it easy to start with and see how it goes.

Cheers Mark.

I’m in. Just PM’d you.

Confirmed list updated.

15 confirmed

5 places remaining.

Cheers Mark.

5 places left now.

Cheers Mark.

Would love to get on this but am working that weekend, let us know if your doing anymore Mark.


Same here, can’t make this one, but am very interested if you are organising any more.



Cheers for all the work you’re putting in Mark in advance and I really am looking forward to the day esp as its the week before the SV AR’06

Ar$e… just bumped the wrong thread… Yep I’m still going assuming it’s still on!