How to remove this paint

So the cattle herding enthusiast builders painted my fence by giving an apprentice a paint sprayer from Screwfix. Obviously protecting the house with a piece of cardboard was too much work so there is thyme sprayed on the bricks and yellow render. Is there any way to get this off without damaging the render or should I engage a render person.

I’ve since had the fence repainted by a painter who was apalled at the original job.

Not sure what the moral of the story is but if a ground works team say, “yeah we can do that,” chances are they cant.

lol! one thing I have learnt, is don’t pay the people that build the house to do it!

They simply do not give a flying f*%^ I also do not let apprentices near my place as well unless they are full supervised, due to shoddy work.

I mean, I know they have to learn, but if they are being taught it’s ok to do a shite job they will continue their whole career.

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Maybe it’s the photo, but personally I would leave it until you need more work done - I struggled to see it. Is it that green line you mean or the slightly lighter share of white on the render?

Ah we had a few gems in our house. The loft insulation had been laid with the basketball technique, just thrown in random clumps.

I also once brought an electrician in (who I trusted). He had his apprentice with him and thankfully went over everything the apprentice did. In the ceiling light, he had screwed it into plasterboard without rawl plugs… Boy got quite a telling off that day, I felt sorry for him!

Yes it is the green line. Its more visible in person. It just annoys me so I want to get it fixed.

My landscapers had an “electrician.” His installation tripped the breaker the first time it rained. The real electrician who fixed it for me was struggling to be polite when he saw what they’d done.

I didn’t see the green line, I thought it was a shadow. I was looking at the brush lines up the wall

Yes it’s over spray. I’ll get a close up and post it.

Kingstripe paint remover
Because you have coloured render I would recommend trying in an unseen area first
It’s non toxic I use it all the time

I’ll get a look and let you know how I get on. Thanks.

I have a tub at the moment but unless you can get to Surrey Quays on a Tuesday or Thursday
It wouldn’t be worth your hassle comming to maldon

She gone. One application and there is almost no trace…of the paint or my poor life decisions.