how to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds

Had to pass this on

Damn…hold on…“MISSUS, COME SEE THIS!” >>>>and she says I never try help - lmao

Damn… Thats just too fast… I’m not even going to try it… lol…

But I reckon that’s just stupid.

The only thing to do with a t-shirt is screw it up into a ball, goes very nicely on the floor like that and takes a lot less than 2 seconds!

(How sad am I, I’ve just HAD to go and give it a go… and oh my god, IT WORKS! Don’t think I’ll change the habit of a lifetime though…)

I’ve been doing it like that for years, was shown by a guy when i was in the navy!

Thats a womans job, so i dont do it. Misses is good at that.