How to embed youtube videos

a quick guide of how I embed youtube videos:

  1. find a video you want to link to
  2. the embeding only likes to have the html address ending in watch?v=B17efMEWyAc so to ensure you get this select on share option
  3. copy paste the webaddress into the same browser window this will look like so:
  4. note that this isnt the format that the current forum likes so if you paste this into the thread or into the youtube button it wont work
  5. like i said copy the link into the web browser to ‘convert’ it into the correct format
  6. select the new webaddress up to and without the ampersant (&)
  7. click on the youtube button located in the post editor and paste the link

you should now get the video embended

if you see that the link address has the format that the forum likes e.g.
then go straight to step 5

hope this helps

whoops spoke to soon


I’ve long since given up on this as the forum is broken… Posting a YouTube link is alright though surely?

Here you go

the embeded option doesnt work anymore :

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src="<a href=“” “=”"><a href=“”">" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and if you copy the ‘share’ address into the button that wont work either:

Yes it does I’ve just done it.

not if you just copy the embeded code.look:

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src="<a href=“” “=”"><a href=“”">" allowfullscreen></iframe>

the way i do it works 100% of the time :wink:

Follow the instructions on my thread. Its simple… All that is required is copy and pasting into the HTML bit. Its obvious that code pasted into the Design bit isn’t going to appear as it should.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src="<a href=“” “=”"><a href=“”">" allowfullscreen></iframe>

doesnt work dude!:blink:

Not sure what hte current editorial perspective is, nor who is responsible for maintaining updating code, but since Jay has disappearead, the functionaity has not been top priority…

It shouldn’t really need a damm book’s worht of instructoins to link to something else…

MODS, ask for someone to include some sort of easy use Upload widget please, this has been gopin on far too long and shouldn’t be this hard… or difficult.

Fair enough I speak as a user and know nothing of the actual coding requirements, but up your game kids!

Yeah. I know nothing about programming, but I’m sure that someone who does would be able to incorporate an embed feature for youtube whereby the user just has to copy the video URL and the code embeds it for you…

Thanks for the how-to Pan. This forum needs some TLC cos it should just work using the YouTube tags (not even mentioning the quoting lol), if the admin need any help let me know. There are loads of free forum solutions out there - like this for example:

Pan I’ve just made a video to make you realise your making a dog’s dinner out of nought… Just uploading it now. There is nothing wrong with the embedding of videos. Unfortunately I won’t be able to embed as I don’t think you can with Google docs.

Dan, I know how to use the YouTube button which your guide quite rightly explains you should be able to use, however sometimes it just doesn’t work - like this thread for example:’nt-have-a-go-on-this-d

In my browser (Chrome), the embedded YouTube at the top of the thread linked above is just a white box. I tried editing it a few times with various links to the original video but none of them worked so I threw the towel in and pasted the link. On other occasions the YouTube embed button has worked fine for me on here.

Pan is correct and I’ll show you why:

Here is a YouTube link:

Here is me embedding that exact link using this forums YouTube button:

Here is me embedding the same link after I removed the ‘&’ from the end of the link:

Doesn’t work!

I paste the embed code into the html editor and I wither get the same as above ^^ or I get this error message:
“You must provide a message before previewing your post!”

Use the “old embed code” option so you dont get the iframe tag. You get the old object tag thus…

<object width=“560” height=“315”><param value="<a href=“” ><="" param><param"=""><a href=“”></param><param">"></param><param value=“true”></param><param value=“always”></param><embed src="<a href=“” “=”"><a href=“”">" type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” width=“560” height=“315” allowscriptaccess=“always” allowfullscreen=“true”></embed></object>

Then paste into the HTML instead of the Design…

And you get the vid embeded fine.

How are you guys getting the ‘&’?

Just click on the embed button on Youtube and it will not give you any of that in the code. I just tried it for your exact video.

Actually I figured it out. Do it the way Dan says but you have to swap back to design mode before posting.