How to build a Ducati 999 from scratch in under 2 mins


flippin eck, do you know how long it actually took?

Like it :cool:

Do you think they would come round and finish off my fighter if I offered cake?;):smiley:

LUV IT! :smiley:

Looks easy ! (then again so do most things in the Haynes manuals :ermm: )

Fc3k me, you’re giving cake away - it must be serious!! :hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve given it up for Lent mate… Feeling a bit feint already;):D:D

No wonder why they fall apart.

About half an hour. They’re a bit handy with a spanner. :wink:

Mmmm me thinks its mabe not the real deal but just a copy :smiley: