How time flies

I know I am not the only one who have had medical problems over the past few years, but I have just been reminded by SWMBO that 7 years ago today I was admitted to the cardio ward of the Royal Berks Hospital with heart failure unable to breathe, walk, eat, in fact I could do nothing because I was so swollen and affected.

I was taken ill whilst on a cruise but managed get home (with difficulty) and 2 hours after struggling to get indoors, I was in bed on oxygen and having all sorts of needles, gauges and recording equipment attached to me.

That’s when I got told that I had a condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy and I was drowning in fluid build up which my body cannot get rid of, and that I had suffered a silent heart attack. (which it transpires is a hereditary condition)

Several weeks later I was discharged having had 28 kg of fluid drained from me feeling a whole lot healthier, the downside being that I had to retire the bike

But, I am still here breathing (which may be a disappointment to some :+1:.) Medication is for life and I have adapted, and life goes on.

Will need to get the defibrillator fitted at some stage no doubt, but hey ho.

It just doesn’t seem like it has been 7 years, so goes to prove that even after the biggest of shocks, life can still go on with a good quality of life to boot :slightly_smiling_face:


Sad to hear about retiring the bike, but everything else sounds as positive as it can be.