How popular is cycling in the community?

How many of us cycle as well as ride motorbikes? I’m assuming it’s a good number. Maybe not all the time as hardcore types but maybe even know and then for commuting or getting about or getting out for fun once in a blue moon?

I wonder if it’s worth opening up a bicycle category on LB to discuss all things leg-powered?

  • I cycle regularly for fun
  • I sometimes cycle for fun
  • I cycle regularly to commute
  • I sometimes cycle to commute
  • I cycle once in a blue moon
  • I do not cycle

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no2: cycle with the kids - not sure its always fun though!

Occasional sportives, foreign single day events and (rare now) triathlons. And with mates for fun!

I’d say that falls under cycle for fun, at least it’s meant to :slight_smile:

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Doing Lands End to JOG in 18 days time :slight_smile: :worried: :worried: :worried:


You missed my category: I cycle for utility journeys because it is faster.

I’ve been cycling daily since my dad took the stabilisers off my first bicycle aged four - and that was many many moons ago. When I was in my twenties and bought my first car I thought I’d outgrown cycling but the reality of driving from north London to Putney every day was a wake up call and I dusted the bike off again.

I cycle every day but I’m very careful to not call myself a cyclist - for some reason that word seems to light the blue touch paper in some people.

I used to commute to work alot on bike. However since I broke my hand, not been so keen on it.

I have not cycled for years, in part due to living on a major road with no infrastructure making it a very unattractive proposition. But do I own a bike.

I cycle for fun, to commute and usually get paid to do it at work as well.
I do far more cycling than motorcycling it would be fair to say!

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Yeah I cycle a lot now. Started commuting last year but got more serious with it from March this year. Lock down has been great for upping my fitness. Absolutely love it now and gonna start competing next year and will be hitting the mountains next year too! Part of my selling the husky plans include getting a decent indoor trainer set up for the winter so I can build my fitness whilst the weather is shite

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I was spoiled in The Netherlands growing up. Having cycled there cycling in London is just hassle and dangerous. No matter where you are there always seems to be a double decker bus behind you.

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I’ve always had a push bike and cycling more now than ever as I’ve cancelled the gym.
You’re more likely to see me at Box Hill on the push bike than the motorcycle.

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For the 21% of you…

I was commuting regularly on the bicycle (36 miles a day, 2 or 3 days a week for the last few years) before lockdown but recently I’ve been taking the motorbike to get home a bit earlier to give my wife some child free time to work.

Tomorrow is the day I get back on it, I expect to be hurting by the evening.

I have been getting out more on the mountain bike though, sunset rides in the surrey hills is far more pleasant than the commute into town.

We used to ride out for lunch with the kids on seats/tag along bikes but they’re riding their own bikes now so I need to build up their stamina to make it to the nearest decent pub.

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The last bicycle I had got nicked in 1978, luckily I’d just bought my first moped.
Maybe I’ll buy one again when I retire and move out to the sticks and have a heart attack in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe start cycling around your house :slight_smile:

You just know there’s an equivalent video for us on motorbikes :slight_smile:

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Didn’t have anywhere to keep one in London, and haven’t got round to getting one since the house move as there had been a bit too many other things going on (decorating, B&Q, Ikea etc etc etc). Then once Covid hit you couldn’t get hold of one for love nor money