How much is a broken hand worth?

Following on from my car door incidence 19months ago I had two kwires fitted in my hand and at some point will need another op to fuse the joint but hard to tell when.

Im left handed and it’s the left that got broken I’m an on site engineer so it’s very important I have good hands.

The third party insurers have come back with an offer of just 3k.

Am I being greedy wanting more?

Don’t accept anything less than an entire replacement hand.:angry:

Hmm plastic hand nah I’m good thanks

depends… do you use that one for jerkn of :wink:

It’s my main hand for everything do finding that offer an insult as I have to live with this pain and at some point will be put through more when i have the joint fused

Assuming you don’t need the money asap, why not hold out for more? This will be a life long issue for you. On the other hand (sorry) we all pay into insurance so if this isn’t something that will have a direct financial impact - you cannot earn because you can no longer do a job because of this - then it’s your call.

grab the money & run, but with your right hand, you don’t wanna drop it. :slight_smile:

Check this site, it has Minor hand injury up to £2,550 & Serious hand injury up to £36,125, yours definitely isn’t minor.

I’m not in a rush the money as I’m still working just on lighter duties. I never had a ball park figure but this sounds way too low as whip lash is 2k

id hold off… its pretty serious injury you will need to live with

TC is who you should be asking, all you’ll likely get is vague guesses & abusive sexual innuendos from the rest of us. :hehe:

May be worth dropping him a PM, he seems quite friendly.

I enjoy the banter

Will speak to my solicitor tomorrow

What does your lawyer advise you to do?

Ah, well you should get your answer tomorrow then.

I would be minded to insist on at least double that, but see what they say…

It not just the injury. It is going to be the life long consequences. Let see, oh OK right lets unfuse the joint. Nope can’t be done, irreversible. OK what about the pain? The operations? Speak to your doctor, ask about premature arthritis and what the probability will be.

That’s what needs to be put across as its not a simple that’ll fix it op as it could make it worse bit at some point the op will have to be done.

My solicitor said the offer was too low and that the medical report wasn’t well written to explain the real problems I’m faced with this injury. The next step is to contact my consultant at st georges as he was the person who said I will need it fused instead of a maybe.

Check with your solicitor about the deadline for acceptance.

Bearing that time limit in mind, don’t accept anything yet, certainly if you are facing another operation. You will not know your level of disability caused by the accident until you have finished treatment and recovered from it.

BUT be sure that your solicitor is on the ball, and whatever you do don’t let the deadline expire.

This info will help.

Get a fat pig dog solicitor and start banging her…make sure she is greatful for the attention/mclovin, then tell her the more money she wins for you, more mclovin she will get.Win!

3k is poor though.

10k is acceptable.