How many of you have stuck to your resolutions...?

Come on, be honest… Have you stuck to your new years resolutions?

I’ve done really well, I haven’t smoked or drank since NYE (bar ska night where we drank the bar dry of Jagermeister…) but seeing as I used to get wasted 3-4 times a week I’m pretty proud of myself.

I also made a small promise to myself to stop saying no and letting my shyness stop me from grabbing amazing opportunities with both hands… Ive landed myself a job as a special effects makeup artist (my dream job) on an upcoming British zombie film (filming starts Sunday!) and I’m doing a skydive in September :slight_smile:

I have so far stuck to every single one.

just to note I made none so think I will be good all year.

the answer is 7.

7 of us stuck to our resolutions!

Well done with the new job. Skydiving is a major rush…not as much as riding over terminal velocity speeds though…

didn’t waste my time with such bollocks, so I’m fine, haven’t broken any :stuck_out_tongue:

I made one to stop stinking the house up with petrol … I even wrote a great big red notice on the garage/kitchen door … I woke up this morning having left the fuel tap of the Yam on and the whole house stank of petrol … Soooo I failed :sick:

You lot are rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah … but what ya gonna do :stuck_out_tongue:

halfway there!!! was to cut down to 1 pissed night a week which I haven’t broken! and to get down to 84kg from 94kg!!! currently sat at 89kg…

We’re with these guys:D

Have cut down my week day boozing…a bottle tends to last 3 days instead of an hour…and doing the trip to Bruges so year off to a good start in my eyes! :smiley:

Yup - still on 1920 x 1080

move along bob

never set myself a resolution this year but kept to my 2010 resolution plan till now and been weight training 6 days a week, doing 2hours training each night. in the 1st year i got weight down from 82kg to 72kg and now back upto 77kg but without the fat:hehe: hopefully with my new training program be about 85-90kg by summer.

Lost 2 stone in weight since NYE

Well done MD!

cheers lewis

2stone in short time mate, all them greens (laning) doing you good and after repairing mels bike and yours you’ll lose more once you have no money for food:w00t:

I’ve been banging under age choir boys every day since so no…

maybe if you’d made that your ny resolution, then you could have said yes! :smiley:

Didn’t make one, but have cut down on alcohol… :hehe: