How many for Xmas bash?

What are the numbers so far…?

Ok! we got 50 places reserved for US !

LB got up to this date 17 places already paid for and over a ‘‘100 mouth reserved!’’

So please let’s materialise it guys!

Cezar, I only now managed to get some stamps, so “my cheque is in the post”… I’m taking two tickets, but as I have no friends, I’ll have a spare ticket. Well, I suppose I have friends, but they’re (both…) scared of the biker gang I’ve got myself involved with!

Hahaha! I’m sure you won’t come alone! Scared??? Well they are dam right ok! we are bad, bad boys! lol

I need to know if you will be out Friday night? and where?

or When are you out?

Let us know and I can make sure I harass you with my cash for the tickets and stickers…

PM me if your not out and I’ll get a postal order up to you.


Hey GoF, one, if not all of us will be out on Friday. Assuming it doesn’t piss down like last week.

I should be out on friday if it’s dry, but I mean dry! yes, shawers, drizzling etc means wet! For those who keep trying hard to convince me to ride in the wet! lol

I’m just a Brazilian that didn’t get used to this island climate yet… I’m mad for a ride but not in the wet! No way…

Thunderbirds are go FWB

What’s the plan on Friday as I might actually make it out for once?

Yes, if the tyre is fixed by then I’ll be keen to get out with you guys for the first time in a few weeks.

Mino mo! If you didn’t join the forces of the Evil (to make me go out in the rain) and didn’t made that up, I will be very happy this friday! The plans are Ace cafe, then Soho! I will try to make to the Ace but definitely will be at Soho with that weather!

em que hora?

soho? por cerca das dez/dez e media!

Mate fresco