How is membership so high?

I noticed you have 7,634 members, yet only about 100 or so that post, and possibly less that come on rides?

Where are the missing members? :ermm:


hanging by their balls in my cellar for most :smiley:

Fermenting are they? Trying to produce a new type of white wine :smiley:

lots of lurkers on here, they heard about freddy n arnie and thought its safer to lurk, instead of mixing with oddballs n loons :D:P

Most folks sign-up for the magazine aspect, i.e. to see the high-resolution photos and the like. An LB account is for the whole site, not just the forums, and the magazine aspect gets much more traffic than the forums.

Viva la magazine! :smiley:

to save money on the motorcycle news lol:D

Not suprised MCN is pretty dross anyway, this site/news and stuff is fair better and non biased, well done :slight_smile: