How do you...

Post youtube clips?

I just post the url but everyone keeps posting up the actual clip so thought id ask… How do you do it?

Not a clue, talk us through yer URL submission.

We are as ever your most obedient surrogate parents.

Love and cuddles Chris and Julie xx

I just on top bar and copy and past it:D

under the amount of views for a video, there’s an Embed button. Click that then copy and paste the code from the box into the message

You takin the micheal? :P:hehe:

URL is the bit at the top i think, well thats the bit i copy and paste anyway

Ah, okay i’ll give that a go :smiley:

okay thats not working… i just end up with this

<iframe type=“text/html” width=“640” height=“390” src=“” ></iframe>

Great stuff:D

the vid sure is but thats not quite how i want to post it :w00t:

^^^ Followed MeGroovy’s instructions

you should see two mountains with a sun above it (insert image) above where you type a comment

click that then where it ses link to image paste url

then above your vid will be a box delete that

thats what i did but it just kept leaving the writting and no image

untick the 3rd box under the copy from box that says “Use iframe embed code”

did you just use the first box? i tried using just the first box and that didnt work for me either

well you must have the 3rd one ticked, cos your code has the iframe tags in!

I remember having the same problem, I found that if i want to post anything on here from Youtube I log into LB via Firefox and it works

oh yeah, I’m on firefox too