How do you offend homeless people?

tell them a knock knock joke.

Give them food not cash!

Give him a fishing rod and a packet of seeds
He can then feed him self for life

Which will be a very short one if he goes fishing in the Thames :sob:

My bad thought It was feed

“Give them food not cash”

I once saw a person pick up a ciggy butt, my ciggy butt, so I offered them a couple of not-second-hand-ciggies… the verbal I got! I really seemed to offend him by accident.

I once gave a motorbike and a spare engine and a drum kit to a homeless person… true story. He had a mate who promised him a space in his garage to fix up the motorbike to go travelling with. It was a GS 500. When I saw him again, he’d sold it all for £300.

I have more stories like this. I now don’t bother because I use the same brush to paint my opinion on all. Sad, but true.

Although there is a lady who sells the big issue outside an M&S. If I had the chance to interview her for a career, see what she wanted, I would love to offer her a job. She is like a little song bird.

I used to fill up at Greenwich BP and there was a dude who was always sitting outside. I always used to get him a Yorkie Bar on top of my petrol, until one day he said to me “mate can I just have the cash?”
Before I could stop myself the expression “beggars can’t be choosers” had already left my mouth. I felt bad. Briefly. Then braaaap.

excuse me @mole you what? thats brutal of him

Like this?

Typical out of touch Council planning!

Like if someone is sleeping rough they’re going to have £100 to pay a fine, did I really just point that out?

I guess beggars can be chosers!

Thought I’d be a good person today and take the extra bread that work were going to chuck away after a social this afternoon. 10 plain white rolls, which I can understand aren’t the most interesting food on their own although I was thinking that they could eat them with something else. I also had a Moma Oats breakfast drink (unopened).

I went over to Lincolns Inn Square where LSE around 6pm ish and there are usually a few folk there (I think there is a handout there later on in the evening) - I asked a few and nobody wanted them (fair enough I guess) but I was surprised that I had to ask about 4 people before I got someone who wanted the oats drink… not sure what to make of that, and as I turned my back and started walking back to the bike I heard “and don’t come back!” - not sure if this was a joke but the guy who said had a stuck up attitude towards me and didn’t seem keen regardless of whether bread rolls taste good on their own.

I have to say I don’t know how to feel now. I once saw a chap looking in a bin for something and he was overjoyed when I offered a chocolate bar at Aldwych though.

A friend of mine offered a homeless person some food and they shouted at her. I occasionally give them a can of lager around Christmas which is usually graciously received. Beware of the ones who sit between cash machines. They are waiting for someone to walk off forgetting to take their money so they can swipe it. That’s why they sit there.

There’s recently been a new type in the West End. Their signs say homeless & hungry but they look clean, wear stuff like North Face and new trainers and look remarkably fat. They don’t like toast (when I feel sorry and donate my breakfast) so insult em all you like