How do you get a fat bird into bed...?

Piece of cake!


Very funny,:smiley:


Women goes to pet shop to buy a parrot. Shopkeeper says, he has 3. 1 is £200, the other £300 and the other £15.

Woman “why is the last one so cheap”?

Shopkeeper “He used to live in a brothel, so not ideal with kiddies around”?

Woman, thats ok i dont have youngsters so i will take him in

So she takes the parrot home and sets him up in his cage, and parrot says

“Fk me a new brothel"…woman finds that funny and smiles. Later that day her 2 daughters arrive home and go to see the parrot, who says "Fk me, new prossies”…they too find it funny and smile …still later on her Husband arrives home and goes into the living room. Parrot says “F**k me Pete, its been a while since ive seen you” !!!

Moral of story? Dont mess with a “big bird” …hee hee (" Piece of cake" indeed) !! :wink:

that was about as funny as my arse after a good curry

Why, is your name Pete as well? :wink:


no its A.PARROT

ORA. PRAT??? :smooooth:

Been awhile since I’ve seen you…ROFL