How do you embed a youtube video in a post?

I’ve followed the instructions on the thread describing how to do it but I still can’t get the video embedded, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I write the post in “Design” Mode, copy and paste the “Embed” details from the YouTube video and paste them into the thread using the “HTML” mode but it still doesn’t work.

I find a hammer works in most ‘embedding’ situations

I just do it by hand in design mode.

If you wanted to post this video: you would write the following in front of it:

then past in the youtube link,
then write
after it and you get:


Just post the link, to much hassle to actually get it to work.

I’ve worked it out now :slight_smile:

Or, click the ‘youtube’ icon in the editor, paste in your link, and it’ll generate the tags for you :slight_smile:

I’ve not got that icon

You need to go into the full editor - click ‘reply’ to a message or ‘new reply’ at the bottom.

The little box at the bottom of the page doesn’t have all the options.