How do i get my bike an exemption to the ulez?

Hello, all, I’m Dave and am new to the forum. I’ve been riding bikes for 43 years so not exactly a newbie!
I saw a thread on here from 2019 talking about which bikes are exempt from the ULEZ and a couple of the contributors mentioned that their pre-2007 bikes were compliant and that you could get an exemption by getting a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer.
I own a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 which was registered in April 2007, so is non-compliant according to the TfL website.
I would be so grateful if anyone can tell me:

  1. Is my bike compliant?
  2. If so, what is the e-mail address I should write to at Yamaha for a C of C?
  3. If I can get a C of C from Yamaha, what is the process for getting an exemption to the ULEZ from TfL please?

With the ULEZ being extended to the North and South Circulars in October, this will severely restrict how much I can use my bike so getting an exemption would be fantastic!

I hope you can help me, thanks so much in anticipation.

Best regards,


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Hi Dave,

Welcome to LB.

First you’ll need the paper work from the bike supplier to confirm your bike is compliant.

Honda still issue these for free, not sure about Yamaha.

Once you have it, you’ll need to register with tfl, then send them the docs.

I did all this on my deauville over the Xmas period and was all done in about 3 weeks.

It really is quite simple.

Number and email address there to get you started.

Hi Dave

You need to email Yamaha on [email protected]

Tell them the model, VIN, engine number & registration & ask them if the NOx emissions are below 0.15 g/km

They will then hopefully respond with something like (this is for a 2004 FZS1000):

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We can advise that your machine meets Euro 1 and had a NOx output of 0.09 (g/km).

A Certificate of conformity is available to confirm this the procedure as follows below.

To produce a Certificate of Conformity we would however ask you to be kind enough to e-mail the following:

Full postal address
Daytime telephone number
A photograph of the VIN/Chassis Number stamped into the frame of the machine (VIN sticker is not valid for identification)
A photograph of the Engine Number which will be visible on the engine casing.

Once we have the above information, we should be in a position to produce a Certificate of Conformity.

May we also advise that an administration fee per unit of £60 (inc VAT) is applicable and may be paid by either debit or credit card. Due to the number of Dating Letter requests received, we are currently taking an average of 3-4 weeks once all information has been received to produce the letter and therefore will wait until we have produced a draft of the letter before contacting you by telephone to take your card payment.

Once you have that, you can register it on the TFL website:

Enter your bike details & you can access the link to register your bike at the bottom of the final page.

Thanks vey much for your reply, The_Sleeper, that’s really helpful.

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Thanks very much for your really comprehensive reply, Pat, it’s very much appreciated.

I’ve looked at Yamaha’s website and it says that they suspended their ‘Document Service’ (including providing C of C’s) at the start of the current lockdown.

I’ve printed your message and will keep an eye on Yamaha’s website for when they resume the service and will write to them then.

Once again, many, many thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Does your V5C for the bike provide a NOx emission figure? Some do, some leave it blank. If it is on there, you should be able to provide that to TFL to gain exemption. If not, the best plan is getting a Certificate of Conformity from Yahama as others mentioned here. Done this for my wife’s 2006 Honda CBF500, was all fairly straight forward.

The FZ6 S2 should definitely be exempt though. I also have a 2007 one and it was exempt on the TFL database, I guess it must have been registered later in the year.

Hello, Arfa, thanks very much for your reply…

I have checked my V5C and the whole ‘Exhaust Emission’ section is blank. Having done a little more research I understand the break point for compliance is July 2007 so my bike is out by 3 months!

I have now sent an e-mail to Yamaha so I’ll see what they come back with.

Thanks very much again.

Best regards,

Dear all,

I thought I would give an update on this issue for any Yamaha owners who wish to go down the same ULEZ exemption path.

I looked at Yamaha’s website on 3rd May and the message that they weren’t offering a document service had been removed. Their website actually has an online form for requesting a Certificate of Conformity, which I filled in, but it failed to submit. It would appear Yamaha know there is a problem, as there is a note at the bottom of the form saying what to do if it doesn’t work! Just send them an e-mail with all the information requested by the form.

I sent them the e-mail on 3rd May and a C of C for my bike arrived in the post on the 15th May. Please note they charge £75 for a C of C, except if you’re the first registered owner, in which case it’s free.

I immediately submitted my claim for exemption to the ULEZ to TfL’s website on 15th May, attaching a scan of the C of C and my V5C and I received confirmation that my claim had been approved yesterday (20th May).

I hope my experience is helpful to others, thanks again to Pat for his advice.




Yup, I had a similar quick response on mine. Honda do as above as well but I think it is £150 for a second attempt.

I applied for a Certificate of Conformity for The 250 as soon as TfL announced the ULEZ stealth tax. With Honda the first and original certificate is free, to receive a duplicate certificate there is a charge of 175 Euros to cover the admin.

175 admin fee! I want that job!

On a more serious note, I can’t believe TFL have gone down the route of individual exemptions rather than by year/model. It’s so much more work for them too!

Its probably because they borrowed the spreadsheet template off the NHS

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