How do I get copy of CCTV footage ?


On Friday my bike was knocked down in Battersea Park car park causing extensive damage, the car did a runner but there is a camera

I reported it to the police and this was the response “you will get a crime reference number but I think thats probably as far as it will go”

When I said there was a camera there I was told “we dont have the resources to follow up on things like this”

So it seems I am not going to get much help there…so my question is there anyway I can get a copy of the tape ? under FOI or data protection act …does anyone know ?

If you are on as an individual is on the tape, then you can apply for a copy under the data protection act I believe.

However if they are reasonable they should provide you a copy, but some places are complete arses and will only release it to the police on request.

you can get the CCTV copy under data protection act but some places do try charging for it, like £10-£20 i think. :slight_smile:

First step contact the borough council/parks dept ASAP as many places do not keep CCTV very long. They should be able to tell you what you have to do to get it but if they don’t know you want it , it may be deleted.

I have contacted Batteresea Parks police and emailed my request to them. They said they will review tapes but the camera does move so there is only a 50% chance it will have taped the incident.

Thanks for the help

Thats still 50% more of a chance than the police were willing to give, seriously seriously hope you manage to nail the scum bag mate. I know how you feel someone tried to move my bike once and dropped it, then just left it on it’s side and bogged off.keep us updated though fella.

well I must say the parks police are efficient, they have replied already and said the tape will be viewed today. I just hope camera was facing there when it happened.

hi mate, gutted for you!!!

Whats the damage? I got some spares kicking about!!

ok got the answer the camera did not pick it up …gutted

Rixxy PM me your number please

Left wing mirror

clutch lever

Petrol tank

top headlight fairing (the one the wing mirror attached to)


waiting impatiently for you catch those bastards… I really hope the incident was taped and the bastards will be identified. A similar thing happened to me not so long ago, with no CCTV around.

Must have typed my previous post when you posted yours. I am very sorry to hear that no good news.
Does anyone know the case when CCTV actually captured a crime scene? What’s the use if they never see anything?