How cool is my gf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has got the day off today and cause she felt sorry for me stuck in this office she has brought me Tourist Trophy for the PS2!!! Oh yeah! Top girl she is!

She does lose some brownie points though for not brining it over tonight for me to play but suppose you cant have everything

Get this as well she wants to play it with me! A lady that likes bikes and computer games! Rocking!

Yep, she is prety cool. But, she has gotta come a close second to mine who does my oil changes for me.

sorry boys you lose.
i broke my back at the ring last year 90% ok now so no worries,she has looked after me kept a roof over our heads and now is paying for me and my father to go back to the ring at the end of this month.and wait for it she is lending my dad and me her golf gti to use there as well.
and last month took me to the monaco F1 now you must admit that is cool.

Yeah thats pretty cool! Back injury sounds real nasty fella!

You either have alot of money or are hung like an elephant !..

no not being funny seem to have had worst,snapped 1 vertibra and chipped another one spinal coloum side,it was in germany had a plate and 6 screws to spine never had pain from that,more from the fractered ribs still hurting now nine months later.but was up and walking in 5 days.
back on bike next month all be it gf tuned sv650s for a while to back into things.

no not rich, she is only 5"4 so it my seem like im hung well to here but i dont think so,you know the saying always get a gf with small hands.

Very lucky Terry, nice one! I want a go on that game, but have no consoles, I’ll wait for the PC version, if one ever surfaces. Have fun with it…

Cheers Jay,

I know a few people here have got the game we should organise an LB gaming session lol PMSL who wants to hold it at there house? Beer, food and computer games lol

Sounds like a plan.

Good girl you got there Terry…

i have tt superbike and i think its awsome game, by far the best bike game available.

it feels a lot more real bike-ish than any other motocycle game i ever did try… and ive tried a few.

apprentley the ps3 gran turismo has bikes and scoots