Household Insurance - Fiberglass Repair

Hi All. There is damage to the dormer windows on my house. The house builders say it was caused by impact and the manufacturers say it’s also caused by impact and it’s out of warranty for a cosmetic repair. The house builder (Belway) advise using my household insurance.

I’ve no experience with household insurance. All I know about is car and bike insurance which we all try to avoid using. Is this the same for household insurance? Avoid claims if you can. Here are some pictures incase some of you have any advise on repair. I won’t be doing it myself but would be good to know.

Hey mate,

Works exactly the same way! So if you claim through them, you’ll pay more next year and they ask if you have made any claims.

I had similar with my kitchen floor, rang the insurance (without giving my details) and asked what would happen and as above is basically the response. Even though they could have claimed back off of the company that caused the damage, I’d still end up paying.

might be worth getting some quotes to see what the actual damage to your pocket might look like.

That’s such an easy DIY repair, even for a Joby :wink:

Remove the window casement (door) for access, clean the area with a light rub of 120 grit aluminium oxide paper, cut 3 or 4 pieces of fibreglass mat to suit, apply a resin coat, apply fibreglass mat and repeat (don’t allow resin to dry) until you’ve built up 3 or 4 layers, finishing off with a coat of resin. Maybe a lick of paint when dry.


Thanks guys. I’ll get some repair quotes and see how I get on. I always assume the worst (replace the roof). Should be easy to patch for a competent person.