Hounslow New Guy

Oh, yes. Got my NSRE125!! (I’m 18), and been riding round on my own basically getting to know London as I’m actually from Birmingham and only been living here for like 3 months so far.

Planning on doing my A2 Really soon, (any recomendations as to where?) cuz I can’t deal with the anti-pillion rule, the mosat anoying, besides the fact I’m limited to 125.

Il post some pics of my bike as soon as I manage to get the cable for my fone again.

It’s really scabby at the mo, cuz I got it on the VERY cheap.

Welcome little newbie, come into the fold

welcome newbee

post your question in the Bike Talk section where im sure someone will give you the answers you need

good luck with it

hello aand welcme

Welcome to London and welcome to LB. I wouldn’t worry too much about finding your way around in London - we’re all lost most of the time!!

A 1000 welcomes Kinamod drinks on you…

poke poke n SMACK with da newbie stick


Hey Kinamod, welcome to LB, and London! You’ll find everything you need here, just dig around, there’s a lot to discover

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome, Kinamod. Now just you STAND STILL, how the heck am I supposed to poke you with this bloody stick if you keep moving around like that!

Oh sod it, there’s the stick, poke yourself with it when you’ve stopped moving…

Welcome to London and to LB… Hope to catch up at a meet soon.