Horsham Piazza Italia this Easter

One for the diary if you’re around. You don’t need a Italian bike or car to attend.
It’s good to have a look if the weather is sunny.


Waiting for the Brexit reference

Horsham Pizza Italia? Sounds tasty.

It is, tasty food and vehicles :slight_smile:

Waiting for the Brexit reference
National Treasure
Nothing to do with Brexit!

This is actually a bankers protest about the bonus caps!

Hmmm, seeing we’re only around the corner from there, may pop along.

Been a few times on the bike/Ferrari day. It lasts the whole weekend but the other days scooters and other Italian cars gather. It is a good day out, especially if you want yonder some very rare Italian bijes. But as Gavin says, go on a sunny day. I have been on a grey wet day and few bikes turned up. The Italian food market they have is pretty good to.