Horse poo

More than usual amount of it out there on the streets this morning. Could it be something to do with the ‘No To Horse Parking Tax Demo’?

I’d love to pick it up and throw it at those pesky Wednesday @sses, No To Bike Parking lot!

Hmmm now there’s a thought for next Wednesday :smiley: let’s take our buckets up, do our bit for the ozone pick up the horse shite and recycle it at the NTBP … We couldn’t miss as they’d be going so slow I’m sure the car/van drivers would really appreciate our help. :w00t::hehe:

Great idea, I’m in :smiley:

Even better, put it on a plate. :w00t:


BBC Radio London news this morning - broadcasting from Westminster on the new government - said something like :

“The only protesters I saw were some motorbikers protesting about something to do with stealth taxes but I can’t work out what all that was about”

If a news reporter did not understand it, they are not making themselves clear to the general public, are they?

Sorry no insight into the horse poo though:w00t:

There’s a place outside of my home which offers free bags of manure for any of you who are desperate for freebies :wink:

** lessismore ** Good to know you still have an affinity for finding this stuff, even in central London.


I think there is a forces parade at the weekend…would they be doing practice or something?

often thought about riding a horse to to work and tying it up outside in a parking bay

you wouldnt need much, no hoody wearing yob is gonna try seal it. Need a bale hay, bucket water, some pony nuts and your off! other members of staff can fill their empty lunch boxes at end of day for their gardens at home!

very difficlut to ticket as well

very true,

cant pin the ticket to the donkey (horse, Donkey sounded better)

Is it true you can still herd geese through London legally??

Wouldnt mind giving that a go…

Only way to get across tower bridge without paying a toll a couple of centuries a go… so I heard…