honda xr forks

want to changed the forks on my supermoto xr400 would the honda crf 45o forks fit or any reconmedations :smiley: help will be much appreciated thanks

what for upside downs and any forks will fit you will need forks and top and bottom yokes
but its the wheels are the problem the spindle could be a difrent thickness i dont think it would buy might spacers and the front caliper/ disk might be diffident so your off-road wheels and supermoto wheels might not fit so then you would need to change the hubs or get spacers and brackets made up

like Ross says, the spacers etc may be a problem, this guy put CRF250 front end on his XR400…

ow and the outher thing your speedo if its cable driven you cant use it and would need to invest in some vapour’s or koso’s i prefer the koso’s myself look nicer and are skinnyer then vapour (there magnetic driven)

As Ross said. But why on earth would you wanna do that? :Whistling:

cor propa bike that ^ :smiley: look at the size of the chicken strips tho!:w00t: maybe all that leg out hokey cokey you do sneaky stops you leaning it to it’s limits:Whistling:

i’m just jealous i havent got a sexy off road beast to thrash about :blush:

Me be!:blush:


Is that any better?

And here one from back in the day when I could ride a bit!:alien:

whats the drinks bottle for lol

or a £20 bicycle speedo, works fine on my bike :smiley:

(make sure you get the correct brand though, the previous one i had only went upto 60)

please tell me the fruit shuit bottle is a home made scootioler.

Do it!

Just get a set second hand with the yokes attached

As said above, think about the length and dive of the forks, as well as the compatibility with your current rims and brake calipers

Put some pics up if you do it, i’d like to see! :slight_smile:

Sneaky why don’t you have mirrors or indicators?

A speedo might be more important than either!!!:blink The faster you go there is less chance of something coming up behind you and with regard indicators they’d cause aerodynamic drag and mess up the power to weight ratio:D

The bottle is a catch tank. Some SM tracks require them before they’ll let you on. You could have one fabricated which costs £’s or fit a plassy one. My mother (God rest her soul) was Scottish, my wife is Asian and I have worked in Hatton Gdn for nearly 33yrs making me an Honorary Jew, so spending money on catch tanks aint gonna happen! :wink:

hey dude i have one of these its a boost bottle most lil chavs use on peds lol if u want it you can have it it has a groove down one side so it should sit agent your frame nicely and will steath in a bit lol if you want it let me know

Thats very kind of you but the silliness of my NASA Spec fruit shoot system is far better suited to the stupidity of my bike and its rider!:smiley:

Anyway, back on topic. How you getting on Mickey?

thanks guys just waiting to get paid and im gunna go and get a few bits have a play and see how i can get a set of forks to fit :smiley: ill keep u posted and put some pics up of the progress silly q wats the fruitshot bottle for dident know u needed one on the xr

What area you in Mickey? The bloke doing the fork seals (ktm) on my xr has a CRF450 so may be a good place for you to start?

im in bexleyheath mate but can get any were around london etc :smiley:

wat forks u gt on u xr mate and i been looking at a few sets on ebay one off and xr600 and another off a crf450 mite get my self a yoke of a crf450 and go from there just cant afford to have my bike off road for too long atm but should be able to do it in a couple of weeks

ill try get a link there was a guy i messeged wanted £150 for a full front end i was gunna get it for mine from a yz 250 yokes and stem forks and front wheel/disk spindle caliper the lot straght swap but then you would need to get the front supermoto wheel sorted out

Mine are off a 2002 640SM I believe. It had earlier upside downers, also ktm, when I bought the bike but they got broken…as they do?:blink: I still have the yokes they came with. I just fit these forks into the forks that were already on the bike.

My man Rob is out Benfleet way I think but you can drop stuff to him at work in Romford.