Honda VTR Firestorm?

So Im gonna sell the SV . . . ironic really as I put a new front tyre on & MOT’d it yesterday AND its had new front n rear pads, chain & sprockets all within the last couple of months!!!

But I like the look of the Firestorm and I want something a bit bigger for touring . . .

Any advice on performance and reliability??

Get the SV thou, better economy for touring.

Not that I’m bias

I’ve got a Firestorm as well as a TL.

It’s a streetfighter i progress atm.

As far as reliability is concerned its a well built scoot and pretty bombproof lump but it has one achiles heel and thats it’s cam chain tensioner springs. Easy to replace with non standard ones which can be bought off the website.

Its a softer bike than the TLR and makes a very good tourer. Loose a tooth off the front cog and add 2 to the back and forget about front tyre wear

It’s also got a small tank range which puts some people off turing wise but they go well

what do you consider small range bro?

The SV does about !30 -140 ish miles per tank on the motorways . . .

You would be lucky to get more than 100 miles from an early one but later ones (after 99 I think) have a bigger tank

I’ve never wanted a bigger range cos my old joints need a breather as often as poss…lol

I ride the sv1000, on the motorway I get 150miles before reserve light comes on, pushing through twisties a good range would be 110 - 120 miles.

Justine had a firestorm and from memory I think it was lucky to push 100 miles per tank. So by comparison, the SV1000 has a good range.

I’ve got a firestorm, but i paid peanuts for it… It’s not exactly comfy for touring, the shape of the tank gives no support to your upper body - it’s comfy enough if you’re doing twistyish roads, but any amount of straights gives (me) back and wrist ache.

Tank range is poo… I’ve run mine out a couple of times (thanks to a non functioning petrol warning light). You can stretch the range to 120… but that’s to empty… not reserve… I’ve managed to get mine down to 95

Reliability wise no major issues apart from - cam chain tensioners… they are a known weakspot and should be the latest honda ones (with a pink orange dot on…) or aftermarket manual ones… Only “failure” mine has had is reg/rec - got an aftemarket one from germany and that’s been right as rain since…

Carbs need to be well balanced or the cam chain can jump.

If you fit aftermarket cans or pipe, allow for dyno jetting or it will run like a bag of crap and spit back through the carbs even more than as standard.

Braided hoses are a must too…

Also, bear in mind that Yellow ones are fastest

Mine has yellow wheels does that count ?

The latest tentioners have an orange paint dot on them…

oops sorry will correct my post… thought for some reason it was pink

Loved mine, no issues, 130 mile tank range, great for touring, lots of grunt AND it went round corners beautifully unlike the SVthou … completely bomb proof… til some twat pulled a u turn and trashed it . Get one - you’ll love it Q

Best get replacement springs rather than tensioners from Honda

A tenner for the pair and you get a special tool to do the job with it.

Ah yes… The PINK Firestorm with the Yellow Wheels isn’t it?

that were the last lot, not that the Honda ones are THAT good. Theres a chap on the VTR board that can supply a new set of springs for them that overcome the prob with the honda weak ones.

I’d go for honda everytime over the suzuki. I looked at the SV before buying the 'storm, did’t like the furry looking metal and the quality didn’t look the price that was being asked…

Thats what I said

The problem is the springs rather than the mechanism. They come over as spares ready assembled and pre-tensioned and by the time the slow boat gets here the springs are sh@gged again

Cheers all . . . Im more confused now than when I started

Only you will know whether you like it or not in the end.

See if you can borrow one for a day. if mine had wheels on it I’d lend you mine

I have owned 2 of these.
Get a later model, bigger tank & a fuel gauge.
Brilliant bikes, loads of grunt, handle pretty well & reliable - did over 20,000 miles in a year on my last one with no probs at all.
Best of all, for a buyer, there are loads of good ones out there at good prices.