Honda SLR 650 manual wanted

Hi there,

just invested in a second-hand Honda SLR 650 and can’t find any workshop manual/ engine details & repair instructions anywhere.

I know the engine is similar to older XBR and newer FMX models, just can’t get my hands on any PDFs or paper manuals. Anyone know more than I do and care to share it?

Would be much appreciated folks!



As the bike is not that common, your best bet might well be to make friends with a Honda mechanic, blag the CD and rush off home for a quick and dirty duplication…

Alternatively, a nice Honda person might be able to tell you that it is effectively identical to a FMX, so use that manual.

As it looks like it is based on a detuned XR650 you will be unlikely to blow it up anytime soon, [says the bloke who blew up his NX650 Dominator]