Honda PCZ 125 stolen from Maida Vale / Queen's Park

I was finally able to afford a decent bike and bought it yesterday afternoon only for it to be stolen less than 36hrs later outside my flat.
White Honda PCX125 - LD12 RZE. A small crack in the plastic on the left hand side, a castrol sticker on the right and a bike sticker on the bike.
Whilst I can’t afford a huge reward or to buy another bike and only had 3rd party I’d be happy to pay a small reward for any info leading to recovering it.





That sucks

What security did u have on it?

That’s not good, no need to offer a reward here this is London Bikers!

Have a look around the local council estates. Someone may have it tucked away somewhere, chances are it’ll be parked up as its unlikely to be have been taken home. Hope you get lucky.

For your next bike get a big chain for the back wheel, and chain it to something solid (tree, lamp post etc) and a Xena disc lock for the front wheel. There’ll be no guarantees but that should be enough for whoever to go looking elsewhere for easier pickings.

Probably not a coincidence scrotes-in-sussex-gardens-paddington

3rd party only insurance, no fire/theft cover??  Advice as a above and hope you get lucky.

That sucks man. Hope you recover it!. The police found mine 3 days after being stolen 50m from my flat, they doculn´t break the chain. Have a look around to see If its there

That's not good, no need to offer a reward here this is London Bikers!

National Treasure

Yeah, Wise will do it for sexual favours !!

But being serious for a moment … f*cking bad luck mate. Will keep all peeled 

Jeez, what awful luck s492m. Hope the cops find it for you first.

If you get it back, please lock it up out of sight!

Aw, really gutted for you, that’s terrible. As others have said, have a look around your area. Sometimes they get stashed away for collection. Will keep eyes peeled S. London. Have you told your insurance company? They might be compassionate in some way considering the time frame you had it.