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Honda Pan ST1100 for sale




Nov 14, 2008




Buckinghamshire, UK


Honda ST 1100



A moment ago

Hi all

I’m not sure of the protocol on this site anymore, so if I should have posted this somewhere else please let me know.

I have a decent condition ST1100 T (first registered in 1996, 96k on the clock) for sale. It’s been SORN’d and in my in-laws garage for 2 years and obviously isn’t currently MoT’d or taxed. It should run fine, at least it did when I garaged it, has all the original keys and locks, panniers etc. The swinging-arm was welded up a year before garaging and filled with wax-oil to protect the interior. I have the stock seat in storage and a rather scruffy Corbin on the bike.

The only obvious issue is a lack of windscreen courtesy of an argument with a pigeon at 60 mph, I have a replacement screen but I haven’t fitted it yet.

I haven’t got any pictures yet, but I was wondering if anyone was potentially interested?