Honda Jazz 09 1.4 i-VTEC i-shift auto EX

Welcome to the advert for my 2009 Honda Jazz. Its a 1.4 i-VTEC, so more powerful than the Dsi it replaced. 19805 on the clock, and unlikely to increase much.

Its the semi-auto i-shift model - somewhere between an auto and a manual. It is a fully manual gearbox, but with automatic clutches, and it has two driveshafts in the gearbox, with 1, 3 and 5 on one, and 2, 4 and 6 on the other. Two automatically operated clutches sort the drive out. You can leave it in fully auto mode, or you can change gear via a stick shift or the paddles behind the steering wheel. I pretry much always drive in manual mode.

Tax runs out at the end of April , first MOT is due 22 May. **It has a full Honda service history, and the car comes with the balance of five years paid up servicing purchased at the same time as the car. ** So 2012, 2013 and 2015, at any Honda franchised dealer. This does not include the cost of wearable parts, such as brake pads.

EX spec level so:

Climate control
Cooled glove box compartment
Rear tinted windows
Panoramic glass roof
Under-boot storage where the spare wheel is usually, and a tyre inflation goo kit.
Cruise control (very useful for average speed limits)
Front fogs
Auto slights and wipers
Drivers arm rest
Electric windows all round
Electric heated folding mirrors
USB socket for the radio, with various different attachments available (i-phone included I think)
Flaps, mats, door scuff plates.

The seats are also incredibly flexible - the whole rear seat ares can fold flat with the boot to create a massive load space.

It also has a detatchable tow bar. I have used this a handful of times for my bikes trailer (never a caravan).

Why am I selling it? I want a bit more poke on the motorways, and a bigger boot - whilst it is a big (and useful) boot for a small car, the space soon gets used up with kiddie stuff. I probably would have gone for something bigger if I had known that we would be expecting the second within six months of getting it. I now have a Mondeo diesel courtesy of my wife’s grandfather who has decided to give up driving (woohoo!).

How much? Dealers are selling at nearly £9k (and more) for clean 09 plate ones with 20k (and sometimes more) on the clock, and most of the cheaper ones are oop norf. I’m asking ** £8k** from you 'orrible lot. You may find cheaper 09 Auto Jazzes with only 20k on the clock, but they will be the inferior ES spec.
Where? ** Alton - Hamshire/Surrey borders.
When? ** Weekday evenings after about 7.30pm. Weekends any time. I will only take cash, a (cleared) direct transfer from your bank account to mine or a bank/building society cheque, and I will only sell at a time when the banks are open, so as to ensure that I have funds in my account before I give you the keys. I can arrange to work from home on a weekday for you to pay/collect, or I can go to the bank with a bankers cheque on a saturday morning before 12pm.

Exterior shots

Interior shots