Honda Hornet 600 - Running Hot ??

Hi all

Got my first big bike yesterday, a Hornet 600 if the title dint give it away… :wink:

I’m a bit concerned as the temperature guage seems to spend most of its life about 80% up the dial. It’s not in the red, and not on the thicker notch/dial beneath, but the thinner one beneath that… Hope that makes sense!

To be fair the traffic has been quite heavy so a lot of sitting at lights etc, but it only comes down (and then to 60-70%) when cruising at low revs and say 50MPH.

The coolant level is fine, and the fan regularly kicks in. If its not a faulty / grossly inaccurate temperature sensor then could it be something else / is there any cause for concern / any suggestions?

Many thanks!


normal for a hornet mate…do not fret !!!

my old hornet did that and my CBR also does it. Its normal. You’ll no doubt hear the fan kicking in a lot, esp when stopped at lights. My temperature gauge is around 100 most of the time in town in Summer.
Enjoy your bike :slight_smile:

yep pretty normal to be in high 90s low 100s this time of year.
my CBF was worse tho (faired)

ps dont let the heat fool you that you’ll be warm in the winter because of it:ermm:

Nice to meet you and congratulations on passing!

Sorry I couldn’t help you with the Hornet heat thing.
My Powerbook always dangerously overheats though! :w00t:

Cheers for the responses guys…that puts my mind at rest!!

And nice to meet you too garret. Will probs see you again at BMM etc!


P.S. Dont put your powerbook in a bucket of water in an attempt to cool it.