HONDA DYLAN 125.........

r these any good? just got one for the wife…


About 6 or 7 of my Couriers swear by them… Good little work horses. my guys are putting at least 80-120 miles on them aday!!!

Ask Charly, He used to courier on one!

I had one for a week when my CBF was in the garage… was fantastic around town, quite enjoyed it actually, but a little under powered for the A1 (unsurprisingly!)

how much for an alarm?

I considered getting one, but just couldn’t bear to ride something called “Dylan”, maybe it had something to do with growing up in the Magic Roundabout generation.

I also considered an Elysée, but decided I didn’t want a bike named after a place you go when you die.

the wife has had her dylan for about a month now and it seems to be a good little chips along at about 65mph, top speed of 70 mph with the wind behind her


wow that’s some top speed… I admit I’m a larger chap and I managed to get 50 out of her going up the A1 one night… there’s a photo of me on her somewhere on this forum…


my wife is only 8st, she has had over 70 out of it

I have the patheon which I believe is basically the next model up from the dylan, and I love it, for such a large scooter with a small engine it has some get up and go… once I have a full licence I will upgrade but for now I’m happy with mine…