Honda Clutch Tapping

Looking at a fireblade 929 (first injection model) and the bloke says this about it:]

“Hondas make a feint tap in the clutch on idle due to the clutch backlash gear taking up the slack every so often. I called my engine guy whos works mainly on hondas and he confirmed this. Im telling you this incase you came to collect it and heard this and turned away”

Anyone else know of this? Does not sound too major too me.

If it goes when you pull the clutch in it’s fine…I think…

It’s very common. My blade does it.

I think most Japanese manufacturers fired their clutch R&D staff some years ago. Sloppy clutches seem to be a speciality of the nation.

That said, they’re quieter than Ducati and work a whole lot longer.

The Honda Hornet clutch makes a horrible grinding sound when idling in neutral - I thought mine was fecked until told that they all do it.

the noise you refer to is ‘backlash’ , when in neutral the clutch basket makes this noise but it stops when engaged, perfectly normal , it gets noisier as the basket springs wear…

Cheers guys, yeah thought it was relatively normal. :slight_smile:

Problem solved…

That’s not the bike for you then E;):smiley:

Hehe the bike I am looking at is not that normal at all :slight_smile: pm sent.