Honda CBR125r 2005 Red and Blue for sale soon.

CBR125r 2005 Red and Blue for sale soon.Well, my time in London is finally coming to an end. Only 4 weeks left then I’ll be jetting back home to Oz. Sadly, this means I have to leave my little bike behind. :crying:I’m offering the bike up here before going through eBay, in the hope that I can login to LB from time to time and see pictures of it and its happy new owner on many more rideouts!I am the second owner of the bike. I bought it with 297 miles on the clock in October 2008. It now has just under 9000 miles on the clock, though this will go up since I will be commuting and going on rideouts at the weekend until selling. The bike has been regularly serviced by Chiswick Honda, and has a full service history. MOT is good till 15/10/2010.I have recently had the chain and sprockets replaced, together with the front disc and pads. The bike has aftermarket indicators fitted and is currently fitted with a Scorpion exhaust (which makes it sound like a 600 :D), which I could have my arm twisted into parting with, but I am seriously considering taking this home to fit to my CBR125 back home. It also comes fitted with an alarm for the all important insurance discount.The Bike has completed many BCRs and practically knows the way on auto pilot! :w00t:Bad points:· Right Fork Seal is weeping slightly.· Both Front and Rear tyre still have life in them and are within the legal limit, but you might want to consider changing soon. · Thanks to the bike being knocked over by a car bumping into it when parked up and driving off!! (and big thanks to help from Broady for helping me find out who I should get in touch with for the CCTV footage on this point!) the front mudguard is cracked/has minor scratches. The chain guard is also cracked and the right handlebar is apparently bent slightly, but I can’t notice it at all. Annoyingly, I haven’t yet received the compensation from the car drivers insurance company so haven’t fixed these bits. · I have dropped the bike twice. The first time I was stopped at a junction waiting to turn left and another bike rolled into the back of me and I fell to the side. The second time, embarrassingly, was while trying to push it in the snow! Both times at 0 mph. The previous owner dropped it once too, so cosmetically, it isn’t perfect - but honestly - a 125 for most people is the stepping stone to bigger and better, so does it really matter?I am riding it daily with no problems. It is light and handles easily. Ideally, I would love to hold onto this bike until 26/27th July which is a few days before I leave, but will hand it over sooner if someone is in a hurry/genuinely interested.All reasonable offers will be considered.



Will be put on ebay in a week if no interest.

It is up on eBay now :crying:


I know you’re in a bit of a hurry, so you might want to try other places than Ebay - e.g. Gumtree, AutoTrader and other Motorbike sites perhaps

Good luck!



My reserve has been met now- so it will be gone soon.

Well done, how much did you get? Mrs J may be looking for something similar soon and would like to know the going rate.

PM sent (well - will be in a few mins)

Can`t wait.

Auction Ends Sunday 18th July at 9.45pm.

This little beauty has just been hosed down, sponged into a lather, waxed on and waxed off … by my own fair hand no less … and is looking lovely for its new owner.

Bids in folks :slight_smile:

Winner didn’t ask her dad permission if she could buy it- so auction is back up!

owh :angry:

Nice bike one question why is the url ? aka Australia ?

Sorry just an observation lol

Because the account is registered to the Australian eBay site I guess.Since it had to be relisted, the new link for bidding is :

Ends 7:42pm on Sunday