Honda CBR 900 RR Stunt Bike Spares Or Repairs

Selling My CBR 900 RR Stunt Bike Spares Or Repairs

Good Points:

Stunt Parts On Bike - Crash Cage, Sub Cage, 12 Bar, Custom Seats Rear Pillion Seat With Foot Hole,
Easy Pull Clutch, Hand Brake Set Up With 2 Piston For Footbrake And 4 Piston For Handbrake Custom Bracket One Off,
Straight Bars And 55 Tooth Stunt Sprocket

Forks Has New Seals And Oil Few Months Ago

Has V5 So Can Go On Road

MOT Till May / No Tax

Tyres All Good

Bad Points:

While Riding The Conrod Decided To Exit Threw Front Of Engine So Bike Needs A New Engine
But Bike Still Ticks Over But Cannot Ride For Obvious Reasons

Also Previous Owner Sprayed Bike With Matt Black All Over Not My Taste But Maybe Yours???

I Would Do The Work To This Myself But Dont Have The Time

Have Listed On Ebay As £500 Biding…

If You Would Like To Make Me A Offer
Then Send To Me But I Wont Sell For starting Price Or Below

Viewing Welcomed

Any Questions Message Me

Thanks Dan

You won’t sell for asking price or below??? I’m confused!

well dear boy the asking price is £500 so wont sell for that or below that… as i just break it for that price

Then that isn’t the “asking price” that’s the starting bid dear boy…

The asking price is what your ASKING FOR…

Cor… Do I have to teach you everything? :hehe:

But i am asking for £500 to start and to go up up and away :slight_smile:

Then your only STARTING at 500 your not ASKING for 500

i will START to ASK you to go suck on some eggs :stuck_out_tongue:

You can ask all you like… Doesn’t mean il start sucking on any tho! :stuck_out_tongue:

but you have some already and they ready to hatch :smiley:

Man i know! I’m so excited!!!

Baby fry between 100-300 and once there 2-3 months old they go for £5 each

Do the maths haha

I cant wait!

Go buy a fish tank…

So is £5 your Starting Price or Asking Price :smiley:

i hate poster who make **** less than 100% clear. Just to point out this NOT gumtree!!!:crazy:

Well if everyone was perfect then the world would be a better place

i thought i had posted on wrong site

thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Gorgeous looking bike there Dan :sick:

How much do you want for the stunt cage?

And I’d also be interested in the radiator if you want to talk about swapping it with mine - the one I’ve got has the pipe coming out the front which looks messy, on yours you can see in the pic it comes out the back.

I’ll come pull the cage and rad off myself to save you doing the work if you like…

£5 is my asking price… :slight_smile:

if it dosent sell i break it and let you know

Also you may like the 4 piston rear handbrake set up you could use as footbrake…

So what’s your ACTUAL asking price?

for you 150 fish :wink:

50 fish and you got a deal!

Quite like the look of the digital dash as well…

Break it break it break it!!!