Honda CBF500 '05 ABS Model 2nd Gear Issues

Hi all,

Having some gear change issues with my CBF wondered if anyone else has had similar issues? When upshifting from 1st gear into 2nd im finding that I am regularly going into neutral. At first I thought it was some half hearted gear changing on my part but even when I give it a good jerk with my foot it still sometimes shifts into neutral. Often there will be the clunk of the gear change but the bike will still shift into neutral, then when I pull in the clutch again and try to upshift it will do so with no noise or resistance.

Bike was bought fully serviced from firstline in December.

Any ideas greatly welcome

I’ve got a CB500 2001 Y. This ONLY happens to me when I’m not positive enough. If as you mention you are being positive and it’s still happening then maybe you should get it looked at. If it’s not annoying you that much then ask them at the next service. If the bike is still under the dealer warranty then take it back straight away.

Yeah I thought that it was me not being positive enough to start with but since I noticed the problem I have been alot more forceful with the gear change but it still occurs. Although admittedly not as often as it did when I first got the bike.

Its not a major issue but more annoying than anything else, I will see if it is still covered by the warranty and take it in if it is. If not im sure I can wear it until the next service :cool:

I’ve had the same thing with my CBF600, so far I’ve always thought it was my fault (only been riding 6 months). Will pay more attention to it in future.

Maybe just a quirk with the Honda gearbox then :blink: It seems like the model is a bit more prone to it from everyone elses comments :w00t:

Mate, i’ve had and have a similar problem but slighly different…check my post: