Honda Bros - indicator wiring

Yesterday, my grandson has just bought his first bike after passing his test. It is a Honda Bros - an imported 400cc V-twin.

It is in good condition but the only thing that I do not like is that the front indicators are wired as per US models so that they are ON with the lighting. They still flash when switched to LEFT/RIGHT. In the UK this could be potentially misleading to some motorists waiting to pull-out from the nearside - particularly if they decide that the illuminated yellow light on the left front indicator means that the bike is about to turn left.

I would like to wire them so that they are OFF, yet still flash when switched. Has anyone done this conversion ?? We have not yet got a wiring diagram and so will try and work it out myself eventually when I can get a manual.

I know that BAT motorcycles at Biggin Hill specialise in this type of import and so will try them over the weekend.

In the meantime - if this is a simple re-wire that someone else has done, I would be grateful for the information


A search on t’internet found this wiring diagram (which is for a Hawk, but should be pretty much the same for a Bros) :

There is a 2 wire connector with Orange/white & light blue/white wires, if you disconnect that then that should disconnect the running light feature.

If that doesn’t work, then I’d suggest double checking the colours of the wires on the Bros, could be that they’re different.

As the Bros is very close to the NTV, you might wanna check out NTV parts as well. Check any repair shop that specializes in courier bikes, such as Riverside M/C’s at Old Ford by the A12.

Front idicators on the bros have 3 wires coming out of them. Pull one out and the lights will go out, think its the blue one leaving orange and green for the actual indicator filament.

BAT will ask you to bend over and grab your ankles. They’re way way overpriced for just about anything.

Damn Sickpup you know everything. Possibly even more than Mr Honda himself.

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