Honda Bros 400 - Spares or Repair

1989, owned since imported in 1997. 10,620 Km. Dark grey. Was running great but unused for 17+ years, kept under a cover so some tarnish. Maybe a good project bike for the winter.

Buyer collects, W4 area.

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how much are you thinking?

Competing with @me_groovy? :wink: :grinning:

mine needs new front disk, front caliper, front master cylinder and maybe carbs, so this might be a cheaper way of getting it.

i would then have the issue of the rest of the bike needing a home, and maybe i should just put a sill CBR front end on it.

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If it was a competition, I’d buy this and fix it up before Boris finished his


do it!
then i can come and steal parts

Hey guys. I’m open to offers TBH. Every winter for the last 17 years I thought of getting it back on the road for the summer…never happened and my knee is now too shot for me to ride until I get a full knee replacement. And…the missus wants it gone. Make me an offer :slight_smile:

I’ve a mate who was looking for a little winter project. Can you PM me your number and I’ll pass it on?